Buying or selling a home can be a confusing process. It’s easy for consumers to make mistakes, especially if they’re trying to do it all on their own. Let’s look at some common blunders people make when buying a home.

  • Assuming everything is negotiable. Some homes are priced with some wiggle room, but others are priced to sell. Don’t miss out by trying to negotiate when the listing price is fair, especially in today’s market, in which homes often go for more than the asking price.
  • Letting flashy extras distract from the true value of a home. Don’t be seduced by upgraded appliances or fancy fixtures. Instead, look at the quality of the home’s construction and finish. Thoroughly inspect the property, both the building and the lot.
  • Making a down payment that’s too small. Make the largest down payment possible, even if your mortgage agreement doesn’t require it. You may dramatically reduce your monthly costs.
  • Lowballing the seller. Offending the seller is not going to help you buy a home. Even if your offer is all cash, that doesn’t necessarily mean the deal will go through.
  • Having tunnel vision about home styles. A home’s outside appearance doesn’t necessarily indicate how well it will work for you. Rather than focusing on one style, keep an open mind.
  • Not looking towards the future. Remember that at some point you’ll have to sell the house. Prioritize location because that’s the one thing you can’t change.
  • Trying to buy directly. Buyers who don’t use a broker often make mistakes and typically overpay.
  • Ignoring important details. Is the electric up to code? Is the roof in good shape? How old is the water heater? Things like these are more important than the way the house feels to you.
  • Missing something great by holding out for something better. If you really love the first home you see, don’t feel an obligation to continue looking. You could miss your chance to buy a home that’s perfect for you.
  • Not seeing a home’s true potential. Look at a home’s “bones” rather than getting distracted by superficial things like paint color or appliances.
  • Fixating on online listings. Trust your agent to find good listings, rather than insisting on focusing on one particular place you saw online. Sometimes, online listings don’t show the full picture, but your agent can help you find the right home for you.
  • Buying without full confidence. When you’re hesitant, that’s not the right time to buy.

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