Selling your home can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. There’s a lot riding on it because it’s probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever sell! Let’s look at some common home-selling mistakes so we can help you can avoid them.

  • Failing to anticipate home selling costs. Remember, you need to factor in staging costs, agent commissions, closing costs, and inspection repairs before you can sell your house. You’ll also have to negotiate with the buyer, which may cost you. Another consideration is the cost of getting into a new home.
  • Selling with an upside-down mortgage. If you owe more than your home is worth, try to wait until the market improves.
  • Trying to go it alone. Selling your house without an agent can cost you: the typical FSBO (for sale by owner) home sells for about $24,000 less than a home sold by an agent.
  • Setting the wrong price. Listing your home at a price that’s too low can cost you money, while pricing it too high can run off potential buyers. Real estate agents know how to run a comparative market analysis and find the right price for your home.
  • Trying to hide problems. Ignoring major home repairs won’t make them go away. Trying to hide them from potential buyers could end up costing you the sale.
  • Neglecting to stage. Staging a home can help you sell a home more quickly and for a higher dollar amount. If the house is empty, rent furniture and décor so buyers can picture how the house would look furnished.
  • Failing to declutter. A house isn’t going to show well if it’s full of clutter. Clear every surface and relocate your pets while you’re showing the home.
  • Using bad photos. More than half of all people who bought a home last year found it online, so it’s more important than ever to have good photos. Your camera phone isn’t going to cut it; you need a real estate photographer.
  • Failing to light up your home. The brighter the room, the bigger it looks, so open all the curtains and turn on every light before a showing.
  • Staying for showings. Leave these to the agent- having the owner hanging around while people are looking at the house is awkward for everyone.
  • Taking things personally. If a buyer makes a low offer, it doesn’t reflect on your home. Look at is as an opportunity to negotiate.
  • Keeping the wrong agent. You’ll pay thousands of dollars to your agent for selling your home, so if your agent isn’t working out, look for someone better.

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